Sellers - Shilpi & Anil
Expired Seller- Gordon
Sellers - Jacque and Marvin
Expired Listing Seller- Pierre
"We never felt pressured" 
Sellers - Jill and Kellie
" There is no doubt in my mind, I would recommend Bonita" 
Expired Listing Seller - Peggy
Seller - Nic
"Will use Bonita on all future 
real estate transactions"
Expired Sellers- John and Jeyson
Seller - Brenda
Expired Seller- Teresa
Seller - Kevin
Seller- Elaine
Seller - Ericka and Raul
Sellers- Magen and Robert
Expired Sellers - Pat and Jane
"She is a miracle worker"
Seller & Buyer: Mike
Sellers - Freddie & Joyce
Seller - Lola
Buyer- Joy
Buyers & Sellers - Edwin & Judy
Buyer- Cheryl
Buyers- Katie & Hiroshi
Buyer- Detra
Buyer- Seida
4th Time Buyer- Nthabi
Buyers- Larisha and Mel
Buyer - Soulemane & Valerie
Buyer- Joseph
Buyer- Karen
"She does outstanding work" 
Buyers- Bobby & Diane
Buyers- Mike & Muriel
Buyer- Yvonne
Buyers- Nthabi & Anthony
Buyers- Magen and Robert
Buyers- Uche & Ezinne
Buyers- Ariel & Vilma
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